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Café De La Poste in Vietnam Celebrates the Nolstalgic Beauty

Café De La Poste in Vietnam Celebrates the Nolstalgic Beauty of its Saigon Heritage

Right in the heart of Saigon at the Nguyen Du-Cong Xa Paris corner, Café De La Poste evokes a distinct charm, blending effortlessly with the modern-meets-tradition atmosphere of its surroundings.

Designed by Module K, an interior design company based in HCMC, Vietnam, Café De La Poste is located next to Ho Chi Minh City Post Office, in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Inspired by the history and culture of Saigon, this charming café street bar offers multicultural cuisine and a green space experience.

“Café La Poste Cafe is inspired by Sai Gon: The Former “Pearl of the Orient”,” Module K’s design team explains. “The city of Saigon was prosperous, and it was known for its sophistication, flourishing economy, and rich culture. In the design of the cafe, the concept features stories integrated into the space, as a way to recall the nostalgic memory of a magnificent Saigon in the past.”

According to Module K, the design concept of the cafe also retains many of its heritage elements. “It’s important to note that the design criteria require us to conserve the “soul” of the location’s architecture. Thus, we followed the way the Central Office was built in Gothic style. We employed the inspiration of looping arches, the rhythm of interesting black and white along with duck neck blue and yellow lime which have been used in Indochina and colonial architecture,” the design team elaborates.

The antiquity of French architecture is prevalent right from the main entrance. Warm yellow immediately draws attention to the outdoor dining patio before leading patrons into the opulent interior that features a mix of modern furnishing and cultural accents.

“In this cafe, our designers maximize the space for multiple functions – both for dine-in and art events. We applied an “invisible partition” within the sliding folding door system. This results in an open and unobstructed inside out atmosphere,” says the design team.

Touted as one of the must-visit eateries in Vietnam, Café De la Poste serves up a magnificent mix of tasteful Saigon architecture and special Asian-European cuisine, winning the hearts of many Vietnamese culinary connoisseurs as well as discerning international tourists.

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